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docomomo_international (International Working Party for DOcumentation and COnservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighborhoods of the MOdern MOvement) is an international organization created in 1990 to draw public attention to Modernism, which stands out in the 20th century, and to document and preserve modern architecture, design and urban planning products. The docomomo_tr Working Group has been in this international initiative since 2002.


In order to comprehend the Modern Movement and to develop a holistic and more inclusive perspective on the spatial, ideological and aesthetic aspects of modern living culture, there is a great need for work on interior spaces. Based on this need; the "docomomo_tr Interior Design Committee" was established in 2019 under the docomomo_tr working group in order to expand the work done on discussing, documenting and preserving the modern heritage by focusing on the scale of the interior and creating a more pluralistic discourse.

The committee aims to explore interior spaces historically, culturally, geographically or thematically in order to explain the importance of understanding and preserving the role of interior spaces within the scope of the Modern Movement and to present interior space as a research area where many disciplines meet. "docomomo_tr Interior Design Committee" follows the main objectives of docomomo organization and aims to establish the relationship of historic interior spaces with contemporary context.

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