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Docomomo_tr interior committee continues their cooperation! @oguzhandagdelenn carried out the three-dimensional modeling work of Muammer Karaca House, designed by architect Perran Doğancı for us, belonging to Muammer Karaca, one of the leading actors of Turkish movies and one of the important figures of Turkish Theater. This modeling work, which is based on Turkish films shot at home and the images of the house in the TV series Artists and Houses in Ses magazine, offers the opportunity to experience this recently demolished house.

Thanks once again to @oguzhandagdelenn for his support.

As the Docomomo_tr interior working group, we are working on the research, documentation and protection of modern interiors in Turkey. In these studies, we attach great importance to the joint projects we do with different people and groups. The model works we share with you through photos are also the product of such a joint project. Pelin Bayram @pelinteriors made the model of the entrance lobby and mezzanine sections of Çınar Hotel, located in Yeşilköy, Istanbul and designed by Rana Zipci and Ahmet Akın Emin Ertam in 1958 for us. Thanks to this model made on the texts and theses written on the hotel, published photographs and movie scenes, we had the chance to re-understand, produce and share this structure, which has a privileged place in terms of modern interior in Turkey.

Thanks again to @pelinteriors for her diligent work.


A little souvenir from the 3rd Contribution to the open discussion Modernism Frozen 2020+1 which was organized on Modern Movement Interiors in Times of Pandemic by the Specialist Committee on Interior Design Docomomo International. We have received a lot of positive feedback so we are happy to tell you that we had a successful event. We would like to thank all contributors for their efforts in making this happen.

All of the presentations were very rich and informative. Congratulations to all speakers: Deniz Hasirci, Milena Kordić, Mariël Polman and Marta Peixoto. We hope to continue the discussion, especially because we can see that there are several commonalities although the topics we focused on were quite varied.

Zsuzsanna Böröcz and Bárbara Coutinho (co-chairs of the ISC-ID).

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