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docomomo_tr Modern Interiors in Turkey Symposium 1

​The Selection Book of the Modern Interiors in Turkey Symposium 1, organized online by the docomomo_tr Interior Design Committee and hosted by Özyeğin University on June 15-16, 2020, has been published as an e-book by Binat Publishing. At the end of this event, the first of the biannual symposia which aims to create a sharing environment for a better understanding and protection of the modern interiors in Turkey, the works to be published in the selection book were determined by the selection committee. With the publication of Modern Interiors in Turkey 1, it is aimed to disseminate knowledge and documentation in this field and to develop a scientific framework in which we can evaluate the spatial experience of modern living culture in a comprehensive framework. Enriching the modern interior literature by continuing the symposium and the selection books published subsequently is among the important goals of the committee.


T. Elvan Altan, Middle Eastern Technical University

Deniz Hasırcı, Izmir University of Economics

Pınar Sezginalp Özçetin, Özyeğin University

Umut Şumnu, Başkent University

Zeynep Tuna Ultav, Yaşar University


Publishing Coordinator 

Neslihan Şık


Book Design by

Özlem Ölçer

Prepared for Publication by

Melis Örnekoğlu Selçuk, Selim Sertel Öztürk


Yasemin Mısırlı


© Turkish publication rights belong to Binat Publishing, 2024.

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