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June 10-11, 2024
TED University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
The Interior Committee, established in 2019 as a subcommittee of docomomo_tr's National Working Group, has aimed to create a comprehensive and widely attended platform for better understanding and preservation of modern interior spaces through the event titled 'Symposium on Modern Interior Spaces in Turkey,' first held in 2020.
Modern interior spaces offer a multidimensional and interdisciplinary problem field for better comprehending the social, cultural, artistic, aesthetic, and ideological aspects of the modern movement in Turkey. This field manifests itself at times within the physical boundaries of interior spaces and at other times transcends these boundaries in urban, regional, and global contexts with modernist discourses and representations. Interior design is a significant practice that enables the experience and understanding of modern spatiality, ideology, and aesthetics. Therefore, the examination, discussion, and dissemination of design elements and interior space components labeled as modern play a crucial role in expanding and deepening these discourses and representations.
Appreciating, understanding, and preserving the value of modern interior spaces can be achieved through in-depth research and extensive discussions. Discussions on concepts such as modernity, privacy, efficiency, economy, comfort, and beauty in everyday life and consumption are essential in this context. Exploring the experience of modernity in interior spaces, promoting its preservation, and interpreting it for contemporary designs require multidisciplinary research and consideration of different research methods.
In Turkey, as in the rest of the world, there are many cases that demonstrate how the modern movement has shaped public and private interior spaces, waiting to be thoroughly explored. Undoubtedly, every recent study shedding light on our recent history in this field will contribute to unraveling the codes of modernist discourse and movement, enriching our cultural memory, and passing it on to future generations. Simultaneously, interior spaces, combined with artistic contributions, offer extraordinary resources to understand the cultural conditions of an era and the spirit of an age.
Organized by the Interior Space Committee of docomomo_tr, the Modern Interior Spaces Symposium III, hosted by the TED University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, aims to create an interdisciplinary platform for current research on modern interior spaces in Turkey. The symposium offers two participation options: paper presentation and poster presentation.
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