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Interior Architect Sabahat Selcan Dökmen Aykaş completed her undergraduate degree at the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Bilkent University in 2008. Later she graduated from Historical Building Restoration Program of Safranbolu Vocational School at the University of Karabük with a Pre-Bachelor's Degree. During that time, she attended Erasmus Exchange Program in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and participated the courses in the Restoration and Conservation Department at the Universitatea de Arta si Design. In 2012, she completed the Interior Design Master degree at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milano, Italy. In 2014, gained her Master of Research (MRes) diploma from University of Brighton, UK. In pursuit of her return to Turkey, she conducted several interior design projects of educational buildings, and taught undergraduate courses as a part-time instructor at Yaşar and İzmir Universities. Currently, continues to teach as a part-time instructor in the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design departments of Başkent, TOBB and TED Universities in Ankara. Since 2018, she holds her place as PhD student in Architectural History Program at Middle East Technical University.


Her research interests include Architectural History, Interior Design, Modern and Traditional Housing, and Educational Interior Design. Besides her MRes thesis – Understanding the Current Compatibility Between Contemporary Housing and Residents: a Conceptual Project to Raise the Compatibility, she is also the second author of İnsanın Korunakları 2: Mimari, which was published in 2011. She is a member of Ankara’da İz Bırakan Mimarlar project and the DOCOMOMO - Turkey Interior Committee. She has two children.

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