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Modern Hygienic Interiors in Turkey

The thought behind this panel was to introduce docomomo_tr Interior Design and explore ways in which docomomo_tr Interior Design Committee and 4T might collaborate as two organizations investigating design history in Turkey with an intention to create awareness in this area at both the national and international scale. 4T’s theme, “who cares?” and its comprehensive context has also been on the agenda of docomomo_tr Interior Design for some time. With a focus on modern Turkish interiors, the aim of this panel was to share the vision and discover opportunities to network with the 4T organization and its participants through research and projects to benefit the field. The proposed panel structure was one of approximately 90 minutes, with a brief introduction, followed by three presentations that focus on care and hygiene in modern Turkish interiors. The proposed panel ended with a discussion on the group and presentations and exploring future possibilities.


1. Introduction on Docomomo Tr-Interior and Aims (10-15 min):

Deniz Hasırcı-Izmir University of Economics, Zeynep Tuna Ultav-Yaşar University, Umut Şumnu-Başkent University

   1.1. Aims and Institutional Collaboration

   1.2. Current and Future Works

   1.3. A Focus on Interiors Brought by the Pandemic

2. Modern Hygienic Interiors in Turkey (60 min):

Moderator: Deniz Hasırcı

   2.1. From Body to Mind: An Urban History of Kızılay Building, Ankara:

   Güliz Taşdemir-Başkent University

   2.2. Reading the Hygiene Discourse on Housing in Arkitekt Journal (1930-1950)

   Selim Sertel Öztürk-Başkent University

  2.3. The Portrayal of Care in Yeşilçam: Heybeliada, Kirazlıyayla and Süreyyapaşa Sanatorium Buildings

   Deniz Avcı-Kadir Has University

3. Lessons Learned, Questions, and Discussion (15 min):

Moderator: T. Elvan Altan, Middle East Technical University

For the panel see here: 



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