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Dr. Güliz Taşdemir is a lecturer at Başkent University, GSTMF, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. After Dr. Taşdemir’s education in interior architecture and environmental design, she received her master's degree at Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts with the thesis titled “A Dıscussıon Of The Archıtecture Of Tourısm In Turkey Through The Concepts Of Placelessness, Identıtylessness and Adaptıve Re-Use: The Case Of Medıterranean Turkey And Antalya''. In 2018, she received her doctorate degree from the same university with the thesis titled ``Urban Interıors: Arcades In Ankara Memory, (1950- 1980)”. (1950- 1980)”. Her studies focus on the alternative stories of the city through oral history. She discusses identity / meaning / context relations as her field of research in the Notion of connecting space and social history. Evaluating the space, which is the focus of her research, as a layered analysis tool in order to obtain / edit and create the document using the oral history method. She also conducts courses related to space and oral history at the graduate program level. Taşdemir, who is a member of the Docomomo - Turkey Interior Committee, actively teaches part-time at TOBB University of Economics.

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