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Efsun Ekenyazıcı Güney graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture (2002). She received her master’s degree (2005), and doctoral degree (2013) from the Building Research and Planning Program of the same university. She started working as a research assistant in the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Bahçeşehir University in 2006 and continued her academic career in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department as a faculty member since 2013.

She has taken part in the first year and second year design studios (she is the coordinator of the second year studio); has taught undergraduate courses on introduction to design, architecture and interior architecture as well as visual media in design courses. Ekenyazıcı Güney who has taught an adaptive reuse course in the postgraduate program of Interior Architecture, has been supervising master’s theses on different topics such as dwelling culture in the national and international context, urban transformation, participatory design, adaptive reuse, biophilic design approach. 

The dwelling-housing culture and residential (apartment) production of İstanbul, documentation and preservation of modern architectural heritage, adaptive reuse, city identity, urban transformation and design education are in the context of her interest and research fields.


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